Gods of Olympus


In Greek mythology, Anterós represents the god of reciprocated love. He was the son of the god Ares (god of war) and the goddess Aphrodite (goddess of love). His brother was named Eros.

According to legend, Anterós was begotten so that Eros would have someone to play with. Eros caused irrational love at first sight. Anterós, on the other hand, sought to make every emotion come to fruition in a mutually lasting relationship. His task, therefore, was to punish those who despised or abused other people's love.

An example of this is the story of the poor Timagoras who fell in love with the wealthy Meles. The latter, however, despised Timagoras and reacted negatively to his declaration of love. Eventually he even forced him to jump off a cliff, which Timagoras did. After this event, Meles was haunted by Anteros' anger until Meles himself jumped off the same cliff as Timagoras.